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Manage Module Licenses

(new or existing Website, with new or existing templates)
A tqExpert, working in tqTag Site Manager, uses this procedure for the following:
  • To modify the general package (Basic CMS Website, Full CMS Website, or e-commerce Website) that you choose under Initialize Website in tqTag Site Manager
  • To enable or disable licenses for modules and related functionalities at a later time

Before You Begin

If you are not currently logged in to tqTag Site Manager as a tqSuperAdmin, perform Log in to tqTag Site Manager.

To manage module licenses

  1. If the General module group icons are not displayed, click General Module Group icon.
  2. On the Module Icon bar, click Licenses Licenses Module icon.
  3. On the Licenses page, under each module group, select the modules and related functionalities that you need to enable for the site.

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Topic: Manage Module Licenses