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Inner Template Sample Code

Towards transformation of the HTML version of an inner template to a tqTag version, the following table displays common code samples. See also tqTag Reference.

Substitution of tqTags for HTML

Description HTML Only HTML and tqTags
 First Element  <body> <tqtag type="settings" imageDirectory="images"> </tqtag>
 Content Established 1983 in Switzerland,
Montanstahl has more than 20
years of experience and ranks
among the worldwide market
leaders in its business segment.
Demand for high quality and custom-
tailored products is continuously
rising, and Montanstahl adapts to
these market requests by heavily
investing in R & D.
<tqtag type="content" name="content0" maxItems="1">
<div class="media"><img src="" alt="img" />
</div> <!--media-->
<div class="content_hold">
<div class="hp_info">
<p style="font-size: 14px">
<strong>@title@</strong> </p>
</div><!--hp_info -->
<ul class="imgHold">
<tqtag type="content" name="content1" maxItems=1">
<li> <img src="" alt="img" />
<span>@title@</span> </li>
<tqtag type="content" name="content2" maxItems=1">
<li class="centerImg"><img src="" alt="img" />
<span>@title@</span> </li>
 Last Elements  </body> </html>

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