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You use the tagSystem tqTag to display a "tag cloud," with indication of the relative appearance of the various elements in the tag cloud.

tagSystem - Syntax

<tqtag name="tagSystem0type="tagSystemmaxItems="30" [useCurrentSection] >

tagSystem - Parameters

Parameter Name Type Mandatory Strict | Transitional Case Sensitive Description
type Text + S + must be tagSystem
name Text + S + should be unique tqtag name in the template. no spaces/commas/single quote/double quotes allowed
maxItems Number - S   The max number of tags to display
useCurrentSection   - T + Tells the system to display tags only for the current section and not for all website

tagSystem - Local Variables

Name Type Size Description
CNT number 12 how many times the phrase repat
link text ~100 Url to search results for the tag term. should be used as followed: 
<a href=";section=<sectionNumber>">@title@</a>
percent number 3 Number between 1-100 represents the percentage usage of this tag compares to other tags
position number 3 Tag's position compared with other tags on number of appearences. A running number between 1 to n
tagID number 8 Tag database id
title number 120 The actual tag term

tagSystem - Examples

Example 1 - tagSystem tqtag example of use for all website
<tqtag name="tagSystem0type="tagSystemmaxItems="30" >
    <a href="@link@"><span style="font-size:@percent@%">@title@ (@percent@%)</span></a>

Example 2 - tagSystem tqtag example of use for current section
<tqtag name="tagSystem0type="tagSystemmaxItems="30useCurrentSection >
    <a href="@link@"><span style="font-size:@percent@%">@title@ (@percent@%)</span></a>

tagSystem tqOptions

With the tagSystem tqtag, you can use the following tqoptions: head, if, lastItemInRow, tail.

tagSystem - Templates

The templates below implement this tqTag. After you click a link, use your browser commands to view the page source.

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