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The contentSorting tqTag enables site visitors to modify the default content-sort specified by a tqAdmin.

contentSorting - Syntax

<tqtag name="contentSorting1type="contentSortingtitle="sort your contentcontentTag="content0" >

contentSorting - Parameters

Parameter Name Type Mandatory Strict | Transitional Case Sensitive Description
type Text + S + must be contentSorting
name Text + S + should be unique tqtag name in the template. no spaces/commas/single quote/double quotes allowed
title Alpha Numeric + S - The title of the tqtag. This title will be presented only at the back-end system.  no spaces/commas/single quote/double quotes allowed
contentTag Alpha Numeric + S + tells the system which content tag in the page to sort. you can have multiple contentSorting tags in one page where each one can sort a different content tag.

contentSorting - Local Variables

Name Type Size Description
contentLocalVariable->currDirectionImage text   The img file name represents the current direction of the localVariable sort direction (ASC.gif or DESC.gif)
contentLocalVariable->oppositeDirectionImage text   The img file name represents the opposite direction of the localVariable sort direction (ASC.gif or DESC.gif) 
contentLocalVariable->linkToCurrDirection text   Url to sort the content by the localVariable in the current localVariable sort direction 
contentLocalVariable->linkToOppositeDirection text   Url to sort the content by the localVariable in opposite to the localVariable sort direction
contentLocalVariable->linkToASCDirection text   Url to sort the localVariable in ascending direction
contentLocalVariable->linkToDESCDirection text   Url to sort the localVariable in descending direction
contentLocalVariable->ascImage text   ASC.gif
contentLocalVariable->descImage text   DESC.gif

contentSorting - Examples

Example 1 - contentSorting tqtag example which shows table row with buttons to sort data in various ways
live example of this page can be found in template 359.
<tqtag name="contentSorting1type="contentSortingtitle="sort your contentcontentTag="content0" >
    <th>item # <a href="@id->linkToOppositeDirection@"><img src="images/@id->currDirectionImage@.gif" alt="down" /></a></th>
    <th>ite,m title <a href="@title->linkToOppositeDirection@"><img src="images/@title->currDirectionImage@.gif" alt="down" /></a></th>
    <th> creation date <a href="@addDate->linkToOppositeDirection@"><img src="images/@addDate->currDirectionImage@.gif" alt="Up" /></a></th>
    <th> author name<a href="@author->linkToASCDirection@"><img src="images/@author->ascImage@.gif" alt="up" /></a><a href="@author->linkToDESCDirection@"><img src="images/@author->descImage@.gif" alt="down" /></a></th>
    <th> </th>

contentSorting - tqOptions

There are no tqOptions availiable for this tqtag.

contentSorting - Templates

The templates below implement this tqTag. After you click a link, use your browser commands to view the page source.

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