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The alternative tqTag enables you to declare one or more conditional cases in a template.  You can then refer to such cases inside any tqTag in that template.  For example, you can vary the GUI (graphical user interface) depending on login status.  For a list of all supported conditions, see the description of the alternativeCondition parameter below.
For implementation descriptions of the alternative parameters in various tqTags, see the following topics:

alternative - Syntax

<tqtag type="alternativename="alternativeName" >

<tqtag type="anyTagname="anyNamealternativeTag="alternativeNamealternativeCondition="isLoggedIn | isNotLoggedIn | isAuthRequired | isCustActive | isNewBunch | isShoppingCartEmpty | isSlideShow | tranzilaChargeFail | sheseqChargeFail | productSearchNoResults" >

alternative - Parameters

Parameter Name Type Mandatory Strict | Transitional Case Sensitive Description
type Text + S + must be additionalFieldGroup
name Text + S + should be unique tqtag name in the template. no spaces/commas/single quote/double quotes allowed, the ezadmin3 back-end will use this parameter to group all additionalFields
alternativeTag Text + S + Declare a case for use within one of the other tqTags in the template.
alternativeCondition Text + S + (optional) Specify a default true condition for the alternativeTag case that you are declaring. You can override this specification within a tqTag that uses this case.
Availiable conditions:
1. isLoggedIn -  returns true if the user is logged-in.
2. isNotLoggedIn -  returns true if the user is not logged-in.
3. isAuthRequired - returns true if the section requires special permissions.
4. isCustActive - returns true if the customer account is active.
5. isNewBunch -  (only for the forumCreateBunch tqTag) returns true if the current mode is to add a bunch and not in response to a current bunch mode.
6. isShoppingCartEmpty - returns true if a shopping cart is empty.
7. isSlideShow - returns true where there is a slideShow=1 in the query string.
8. tranzilaChargeFail - (only for the tranzila tqtag) after trying to execute a charge, returns an error message if the billing process failed.
9. sheseqChargeFail - (only for the sheseq tqtag) after trying to execute a charge, returns an error message if the billing process failed.
10. productSearchNoResults - returns true if a product search gives no results

alternative - Local Variables

irrelevant for this tqtag

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