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Prepare Templates for Groups of Pictures

(inner templates) This procedure explains how to implement the listOfPics tqTag, which enables tqAdmins to display photos grouped together from various albums.  Such albums do not have to be in the same gallery.

Example: Pictures Grouped From Various Albums

This example is based on the summer vacations / winter vacations galleries under Galleries, Albums, and Pictures Overview.  A tqAdmin grouped pictures from three of the albums into a new group, called US Vacations.
listOfPics example

To prepare a template for a group of pictures

  1. In the relevant template, code the listOfPics tqTag, as described in listOfPics.
  2. Make sure that you registered the template in tqTag Dashboard, as described in Register Templates.
  3. Make sure that the updated version of the template is uploaded to the Website server, as described in Upload Templates and Related Files.

Where to Go From Here

To implement a group of pictures in tqTag Site Manager, a tqAdmin (with appropriate permissions) needs to do the following:
  1. Build at least one gallery, conaining at least one album, and add the relevant pictures to the album or albums.  For details, see Add Pictures to Albums in Galleries.
  2. Perform Build Groups of Pictures in tqTag Site Manager

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Topic: Prepare Templates for Groups of Pictures