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Prepare Gallery and Album Templates

(inner or outer templates) Use this procedure to implement the tqTag code in the appropriate templates, which support picture galleries and albums on your Website.
The page-types specified for the Website in Prepare Specs and Sketches determine whether galleries and albums are handled in the same template or in separate templates.  Use the current procedure in either case.

To prepare gallery and album templates

  1. In the gallery template, do one or both of the following:
    • To enable display of a list or menu of all albums in a selected gallery, implement the albumsInGallery tqTag.
    • To enable the tqAdmin to link to specific galleries (and determine how the albums are listed under each gallery), implement the linkToAlbum tqTag.
  2. In the album template, implement the album tqTag.
  3. To enable paging, do the following:
    1. Implement the paging tqTag, specifying the album name value for the pagingTag parameter.
    2. Within the paging taTag, implement some or all of the following tqOptions:
  4. Make sure that you registered the template in tqTag Dashboard, as described in Register Templates.
  5. Make sure that the updated version of the template is uploaded to the Website server, as described in Upload Templates and Related Files.

Where to Go From Here

(if you display enlarged pictures on the same album pages) Add Pictures to Albums in Galleries
(if you display enlarged picures on non-album pages) Prepare Picture Templates (pic)

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