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Insert Global Text

This procedure describes the flow of activities required to insert text to appear on every Website page.  The essential step is to include one or more tText tqTags in the outer template.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you performed Assign Outer Template to the Website.

To insert global text

  1. In the outer template, code a tText tqTag according to tText.
    NOTE: The title parameter specifies the text displayed on the Site Manager floating command button.
  2. Make sure that the updated version of the outer template is uploaded to the Website server, as described in Upload Templates and Related Files.
  3. Make sure that you are logged in to siteAddress/tqtag, as described in Log in to tqTag Site Manager.
  4. If the Languages and Categories navigation panel is not displayed, click Content module group icon.
  5. In the navigation panel, click the Language or Category to which you assigned the outer template (as described in Assign Outer Template to the Website).
  6. On the Content Items page, click Category Settings.
  7. On the parallel topics menu, click Assign Items to Template.
  8. On the transparent menu, do the following for each tText command button:
    1. Click the command button.
    2. In the dialog box that opens, enter the text that you require.
    3. Click Save.

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