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Pre-Requirements knowledge: tqtags that retrieve more then one value like content tqtag, album tqtag or productList tqtag

Description: tqoption head process some html or write text only in the first item that runs inside tqtag with more then one rows returnd
This tqoption is used inside any tqtag that returns  more then one value.

<tqoption type="headalternative0="This text will run in all items except the first" >{!
    This text will appear only in the first item.

And this is a more useful example:
<tqtag type="contentname="contentExampleFortqOptionHeadtitle="my contetnteitemsmaxItems="10dynamicGrow >
    <tqoption type="headalternative0="" >{!Please select item: <select name="myContentItemsSelect">!}0</tqoption>
    <option value="@id@">@title@</option>
    <tqoption type="tailalternative0="" >{!</select>!}0</tqoption>

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