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Upgraded tqTags

The following tqTags are upgraded as of tqTag Web Suite version 1.2:

mail tqTag

mail tqTag has the following upgrades:
  • New properties
    • mailBox="integer" - the mailbox id to filter
    • folderType="d|s|u" (default | system | user) mailbox types
  • Use Ajax code for starring messages. For example:
  • Supports marking messages as read (Ajax or not Ajax)
  • When customer is logged in, the system enables @unreadMessages[folderID]@ for unread messages.

paging tqTag

paging tqTag now supports the following tqOptions:

forumBunch tqTag

Your template code can use forumBunch additional fields the same way it uses variables.

forumBunch now also supports a filterCustomer local variable.

simpleMenu tqTag

simpleMenu tqTag supports the following new local variables:
  • autoCreateWildCard
  • drillDownTitle
  • identifyAsParent
  • metaPrefix
  • searchable

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