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This section describes additional functions, parameters, and variables — not under tqTags or tqOptions — supported as of tqTag Web Suite version 1.2.

Site-Based Messaging Variables

The following PHP predefined variables enable the Site-Based Messaging Upgrades:
  • Support for the $_REQUEST[mailBox] command enables folders in addition to the Inbox.
  • Support for $_REQUEST[mode] moveMails enables moving messages from one folder to another.
  • Support for $_REQUEST[mode] deleteCustomersMails enables sending a list of IDs separated by commas.
For example:

Registered-User Variables

The following global variables are now supported for registered users (customers):
  • @numCustomersIViewed@ — number of users viewed by the current user
  • @numCustomersViewedMe@ — number of users who have viewed the current user
  • @numMessagesSent@ — number of site-based messages sent
  • @numMessagesRecived@ — number of site-based messages received

Other Database Actions

  • $_REQUEST[mode] approveInteractionValues
  • $_REQUEST[mode] clearInteractionTypeValues
    For example:

Performance Improvements

Support for Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) lowers response time for user requests.
For example:

Call and Format Server Date / Time

You can now call and format the server date and time by using @tqDate->dateTimeFormat@.
For example, to display the current date/time in the month day, year, AM/PM format:
@tqDate->("F j, Y, g:i a")@

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