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Define Currency and Exchange Rate

Use this procedure to define currencies, enter the current exchange rate, and view historic exchange rates.

To define a currency and exchange rate

  1. If the Product Types and Properties navigation frame is not displayed, click eCommerce Module Group icon.
  2. On the Module toolbar, click the Currencies and Rates icon  Currencies and Rates icon.
  3. On the Currencies and Rates page, in the New row, do the following:
    1. Under Currency, type the name of the currency.
    2. Under Currency Symbol, type or paste the currency symbol.
    3. Click Save icon.
  4. In the row of the currency that you created, under Rates, click Historic Rates and then do the following:
    1. On the Rates for Currency currencyName page, in the Currency Value box, type the current value of the new currency relative to the local currency.
    2. Click Save icon
  5. To change the local currency specification, in the row of the new local currency click OK icon.

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