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Customer Groups

A tqTag Site Manager customer group is a collection of potential and current customers to whom you can send emails and SMS messages. Site Manager supports two types of customer groups:
  • Email Only (icon: Email-Only group icon): a group of customers for whom the only information that you have is their email addresses.  An email-only group has the following limitations:
    • Although you can send emails to email-only groups, you cannot send SMS messages.
    • You cannot target group sub-sets based on things they have in common.
  • Targetable (icon: Targetable group icon): a group of current and potential customers who supply multiple information fields. After you create a targetable group, you define one or more conditions that determine which current and future customers are included in that group. For example, you  might want to create a targetable group for which the only condition is birth month = May. You could then send the group an email offering them a discount during their birthday month.
Make sure that your Website is enabled for the Mailing Lists Module.

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