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Implement Additional Customer Fields

A tqAdmin (with suitable permissons) can use this procedure to create additional Customer Record tabs and fields.

To implement additional customer fields

  1. At the top of the navigation panel, click General Module Group icon to access the General module group.
  2. On the Module toolbar, click Customer Management Customer Management icon.
  3. On the parallel topics menu of the Content Management page, click Additional Fields.
  4. To create a new Group (tab), in the Create new group row type the group name and then in that row click Save.
  5. In the Create/Edit Field row, in the Group Name list, select the group in which you are creating an additional field.
  6. In the Field Name (alphanumeric) box, type a unique, one-word no-spaces name for the additional field.
  7. In the Title box, type the label that you want displayed for this field.
  8. Select field type, type field size, and then in that row click Save.

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Topic: Implement Additional Customer Fields