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Plan Upgrade of Existing Website

(existing Website, with new or existing templates)
Use these guidelines towards your intial contact with a client for whom you will be upgrading an existing Website to work under tqTag Web Suite.
  1. Discuss the target audience for the Website. Ask if the target audience has changed since the Website was originally planned.
  2. Analyze how implementing the Website under tqTag Web Suite might change the look & feel of the current Website. Make sure that you are familiar with the following:
  3. Show your client some similar sites built under tqTag Web Suite.  If the client likes the look & feel of such a site, explain the option of basing the upgraded Website on existing templates.
  4. If there will be a change of domain for the upgraded site, explain the importance of deciding on and registering the new domain at this point.

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Topic: Plan Upgrade of Existing Website