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Upgraded tqTags

The following tqTags are upgraded as of tqTag Web Suite version 1.3:

customersExtensionValues tqTag

customersExtensionValues has the following new parameters:
  • parentExtName - retrieves parent information with no need to specify parentID
  • parentTextValue - specifies the value by which parentExtName filters

forumBunch tqTag

forumBunch now also supports the following new local variables:
  • linkToAuthor - links to the author's customer profile
  • linkToLastResponder - links to the customer profile of the last responder

loop tqTag

loop tqTag has the following additonal parameter:
  • contentTag - specify by which template content tqTag to filter

mail tqTag

mail tqTag has the following new local variable:
  • linkToCustomer - link to the profile of the customer (registered user) who sent the message

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