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Monthly Website Finances

In addition to income that you collect from a client for building a Website, you also get monthly income, as described in this section.

Income From Modules

There are monthly charges to the client for modules and related functionalities implemented in a Website.  Such monthly charges (which you view in the Initialize Website in tqTag Site Manager  and Manage Module Licenses procedures) include percentages for tq-Soft and for the tqExpert, as follows:
  • tq-Soft : 73%
  • tqExpert: 27%

Income From Templates

For public templates with status Published, the tqExpert who owns a template can specify a monthly charge, of which 94% reaches the tqExpert, with 6% going to tq-Soft.  This monthly charge is incurred for each Web page based on the template. Note that once a template is published, you can no longer modify or delete it.

For templates that you develop, you have the following options:
  • Do not charge your client and do not publish the template.
  • Charge your client per Web page per month, but do not make the template available for public use (publish the template but lock it to your client's domain).
  • Make the template available both to your client and to other Websites, per page per month (publish but do not lock).

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