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This Guide for the tqAdmin Role in tqTag Site Manager (tqAdmin Help, for short) is oriented towards the tqAdmin, the primary role in tqTag Site Manager.  The prerequisites for the tqAdmin role are basic computer and Web skills and experience.  In tqTag Site Manager, tqAdmins function as:
  • Webmasters responsible for managing Websites, creating new Web pages, and so forth
  • Content writers, editors, and chief editors
  • Staff responsible for updating pictures, albums, and galleries
  • Staff responsible for implementation of general modules, as described under General Module Group
  • Staff responsible for implementation of content modules, as described under Content Module Group
  • Staff responsible for implementation of eCommerce modules, as described under eCommerce Module Group
If you function in tqTag Web Suite in the tqExpert / tqSuperAdmin role, do not use the current Help system.  Instead use Guide for the tqExpert and tqSuperAdmin Roles (tqExpert Help).

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