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Module Reference

Various functionalities enabled by the tqExpert in the outer and inner templates are available in tqTag Site Manager through modules.  The modules are organized in module groups.
The tqTag Site Manager Module Bar displays only the modules enabled for your Website.  To enable additional modules, contact your tqExpert.

Unless otherwise noted, the first step in accessing a module within tqTag Site Manager is by clicking the module icon.

Module Group Icons

Module Group Not Selected Selected
General  General Module Group (off)  General Module Group (on)
Content  Content Module Group (off)  Content Module Group (on)
eCommerce  eCommerce (off)  eCommerce Module Group (on)
eMarketing  eMarketing Module Group (off)  eMarketing Module Group (on)
This section includes the following topics:
General Module Group Content Module Group eCommerce Module Group

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