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Manage the Search Thesaurus

The tqTag Site Manager search thesuarus enables you to maintain sets of search synonyms.  Whenever a site visitor searches for one of the synonyms, the search engine searches for topics that match any of the synonyms in that set.  For example, if you are selling automobiles, define a synonym set that includes car, automobile, and vehicle.

Before You Begin

Make sure that your Website is enabled for the Search Analysis Module and that you have permissions for that module, including Thesaurus functionality.  (For more information, see Setting tqAdmin Permissions.)

To manage the search thesuarus

  1. To access the Content module group, at the top of the navigation panel click Content Module icon.
  2. On the Module toolbar, click Search Analysis Search Analysis icon.
  3. On the parallel topics menu of the Searches and Suggestions page, click Thesaurus.
  4. On the Thesaurus page, for each new set of synonyms, do the following in the New row:
    1. In the Synonyms box, type the first word or phrase.
    2. For each additional word or phrase, press Enter and then in then next row type the synonym.
    3. Click Check mark icon.
  5. To modify existing synonyms, do the following:
    1. Modify the set of synonyms.
    2. Click Check mark icon.

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Topic: Manage the Search Thesaurus