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Define Targetable Group Conditions

A tqAdmin (with suitable permissions) can use this procedure to define or modify targetable-group conditions.

To access the Mailing Lists > Groups page

  1. At the top of the navigation panel, click General Module Group icon to access the General module group.
  2. On the Module toolbar, click Mailing Lists Mailing Lists icon.
  3. On the parallel topics menu of the Emails Sent page, click Groups.
    The Groups page is displayed.

To define targetable-group conditions

  1. On the Mailing Lists > Groups page, in the row of the targetable group for which you want to define conditions, click Preview button.
  2. On the Members of Group groupName page, specify a simple condition and then click Check = apply.
    An additional line of controls is displayed.
  3. If you need to modify the simple condition into a combined condition (connected by AND or OR), set the new line of controls and then click Check = apply to the right of that line.
    An additional line of controls is displayed.
    As you build the condition, a list of current customers who meet the conditions is displayed in a table below the conditions.
  4. If needed, change the display settings above the list.
  5. If you need to modify the combined condition into a complex condition (a combination of simple conditions, combined conditions, and/or other complex conditions), do the following as many times as needed:
    1. Set the new line of controls.
    2. On any relevant lines, use the controls that set parentheses.
    3. Click Check = apply to the right of the new line (and any other line on which you set parentheses).

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