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Send Automated Email to a Group

tqTag Site Manager enables you to send automated email to your targetable and email-only groups.  A tqAdmin (with suitable permissons) can specify the following:
  • How often to resend
  • Maximum total sendings
  • Maximum sendings per customer
The following factors might result in the total emails sent being less than the total displayed group members:
  • If an email address appears more than once (either within one group or among selected multiple groups)
  • If on the Additional Information tab of the Edit Customer page, the Part of mailing-list value is No
  • If users were deleted from the Current Customer list but not from the Recycle Bin

To send an automated email to a group

  1. At the top of the navigation panel, click General Module Group icon to access the General module group.
  2. On the Module toolbar, click Customer Management Customer Management icon.
  3. On the parallel topics menu of the Content Management page, click Auto-Emails.
  4. On the Auto Emails page, click Create Auto-Email.
  5. On the Create Auto-Email page, in the From (sender name), From (E-mail), Subject, and  Letter content fields, type the text that you need.
  6. In the To (multiple options) list, select one or more groups.
  7. In the Frequency lists, specify how often you want tqTag Site Manager to send this email.
  8. In the Maximum Sendings list, specify the maximum number of times this email is sent.
  9. In the Maximum Sendings per Customer list, specify the maximum number of times this email is sent to a specific customer.
  10. Click Save.
    The automated email is sent to the recipients according to your settings. (There is a short lag between the sending of each copy in order not to be considered spamming.)

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