About tqTag Web Suite
The tqTag Web Suite, developed by tq.soft, is a platform for building and maintaining Websites and Web-based applications. The tqTag Suite consists of two applications: tqTag Dashboard (for developing Websites and Web applications) and tqTag Site Manager (for updating Website content and for implementing functionality modules).

The framework for any tqTag Web Suite Website is based on outer and inner templates, developed by a tqExpert and managed in tqTag Dashboard. Outer templates make it easy to get a common look & feel among all of the Website pages. Inner templates provide maximum flexibility for each type of Web page.

Using tqTag Dashboard, site-builders (called tqExperts) with no PHP background can implement server-side functionality, using tqTags, our client-based extension of HTML. And experienced programmers can create more high-function Websites in less time. tqTags enable you to build Websites that support the following (and much more!):
  • Customer management
  • A content-management-system database that supports queries, filtering, sorting, etc.
  • SEO (search-engine optimization) 
  • Secure e-commerce
  • Forums and talkbacks
  • You also manage monthly client finances and other administrative activities using tqTag Dashboard.

The primary role in tqTag Site Manager is called tqAdmin, for which the prerequisites are basic computer skills and experience. Once a Website is up-and-running, tqAdmins manage the following, with no need for tqExpert involvement:
  • Textual and graphic content of existing Web pages, with optional workflow for approving changes
  • Banners and other advertising elements
  • Customer management
  • Forums and other interactive elements
  • eCommerce catalog and sales
  • Create new Web pages, based on inner templates available for the site
  • Manage day-to-day operation of the modules enabled for the Website
  • Modify module definitions

All files created under the tqTag Web Suite applications are stored under the Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) plan. This offers you the following advantages:
  • Automatic back-ups of current data at various locations around the world
  • Excellent performance during development
  • Excellent performance for working Websites

There is no charge for registering as a tqExpert, and you don’t need to install anything on your computer. To register, visit http://tqtag.com and click Registration.

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